Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Linotype Fontexplorer 1.2.3 for CS5

I'm using Linotype Fontexplorer 1.2.3 which is free, though I don't know if it's still aviable for download from Linotype's web.
But somewhere on the web I found the tips that I can use the plugins from Fontexplorer 2, to have Fontexplorer 1.2.3 to work with CS4... Worked like a charm. But now we upgraded to CS5!

Well, I just downloaded Fontexplorer 2.5.2 trial, run it (without install), added the plugins for CS5, and then quit the trial and ajected the image...

What I now have is CS5 with the plugins from Fontexplorer 2.5.2, working perfectly together with Fontexplorer 1.2.3


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