Monday, August 23, 2010

decimal dot vs decimal comma

Have this issue in illustrator and photoshop:

using an English mac os x, and English adobe suite, but locale international in spanish, and spanish keyboard.

in English you use decimal dot: 123.50
in Spanish you use decimal comma: 123,50

so the decimal key in the numeric keypad to the right on the (normal) keyboard, is set to a comma if you have the set-up like above.

Well, while Indesign doesn't care which is the actual decimal symbol, and accepts indistinctly a comma or a dot in dialog-boxes or panels, this is not the case with Illustrator nor Photoshop:

Try to set a line to "0,25 mm" in an English Illustrator and you will receive an error.
You have to set it to "o.25 mm".
Very annoying to put in a lot of values in the Transformation panel with decimals, if you have to move your hand from the numeric keypad to the dot key in the normal keyboard an
d back to the numeric keypad to write "123.456"

Here is a solution:
find out if your set-up switch from comma to dot with CTRL+decimal key in the numeric keypad. Or with SHIFT or some other combinations...
In my case adding CTRL to decimal key was the thing.

You still have to use both hands, but still much easier than before.

This i still annoying in some cases, because in the drop-down menu for setting line width has a list of "0,1", "0,25", "0,5", "1", "1,5"... and these values are not accepted by the program itself... stupid thing.

As a curiosity, for you that thought that your decimal separator was the only one:

UPDATE: using CS5 now, and seems to be fixed...

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